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What is Slope or slope intercept form?

Slope is a term used in mathemetics to descibe the steepness and direction of a line segment. Basically, it is the change in height in the horizontal line. In mathematics, the letter 'm' is often used as a symbol for slope although there is no known reason for this pracitse. A slope can have an increasing, decreasing, vertical or horizontal direction. Slope is calculated by checking the ratio of the horizontal change versus the vertical change when two pairs of coordinates are given.

What is Slope calculator?

Slope calculator is a free online tool used to calculate the slope/gradient when coordinates of two points are given. It is also called slope intercept form. It can also be used to determine the angle of the slope in degrees. The distance between both these coordinates are also shown.

How to use?

1. Enter any one value into one of the four input fields.
2. This calculator will show the results in the slope,distance and anglefields

Slope Calculator

Formula/Equation of Slope

The formula to find the Slope when radius is given is

Slope = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1)

where x1,y1 and x2,y2 are the two given points.

How to calculate Slope?

Just put the values of each cordinate into the formula above and you will get the slope of the line. If you want to convert the slope into degrees, then it can be done by taking the tangent of the slope. m = tan (theta)

Applications of calculating slope?

Slope calculation has various application ranging from geography to aeronautics to civil engineering. For example, slope may have to be considered while trying to build a road, or to find level ground while constructing a building. If an engineer is building a road, he should make sure that the slope of the road is not large enough over a long distance, for example.